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Slovenčiny do hier - hry, cheaty, trainery, návody, češtiny, cd obaly, wallpapery, screenshoty, download Need for speed sk Need for Speed UnderCover World of Warcraft Cataclysm








Need for Speed

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     The game is released
It's true. Although the demo edition is expected somewhere around the end of this month or beginning of next, we met with it today. Unfortunately the weekend is approaching and that you should take a rest with downloading and playing, so let me again show on website in Monday :-). While you can download a demo that is 1.1 gigabytes, and if you want, we will publish your feelings about playing, and record your results, whatever you think that is worth to be here, published and signed by you like author of course... DOWNLOAD HERE
posted by: Admin   -  Source: Slovenciny.Com

  EA can be proud and we happy
trailersWhat a demonstration of the EA with their mounts shift could be described as a perfect example of a real racing game. Even on the occasion of the award is valued highly, mostly moving in scoring 9 out of 10, the EA can proudly speak to the podium NFSS proud developers. It is then for the marketers of EA let a video presentation, both in the attached article. Racing genre requires premeditation and quality play. Racing genre requires premeditation and quality play. Although many players immediately after the game could not get used to the feel and control Some subsequent commentators speculated his own, after a short play to achieve sensitivity in the hand and taste the fight more and more practices in the game.

Personally, I played the game yet but am working on making my originálku soon be able to prepare and even more web content than ever. Evaluations of the world official magazine itself platforms and still speak of success, it is worth the game to raise its own original, if I'm already a fan of the series. If found among you, but a player who can even write their opinions through some short reviews or more are welcome.--- all videos and more is here

posted by: Admin    -  Source: own

  Players in USA already playing
It's true. The U.S. gamers has can play and we have to wait two days. Today you can actually say that just one day. Pirated servers, however, already flooding the lines to download games. Torrents and links. However, many of them are masked and false documents. But what about you wait for the demo and if it will like it, buy your originálku? Salute the efforts of developers? If you plan to buy its originálku soon after, contact us. A few pictures from the game and little help with one little fun would we fell in handy.
posted by: Admin    -  Source: own

  DEMO will be on end of september
DEMO NFS ShiftAlthough only recently it seemed that the demo will not play, so eventually it will issue a demo really. Problem but for some it may be that the demo released until after the full game. Advantage and gratifying is that the demo will be richer than usual. Since the inception of the playable vehicles include Dodge Viper, Lotus, BMW M3 and the Nissan R35 and how it can be divine, rich game with quality design and Engin and in the free downloadable demo. So it predicts success in sťahovanosti. Is it not? Demo should be issued in late September, early October. Messages that are somehow related demo will be included in the section demo
posted by: Admin    -  Source:

  NFS Shift for iPhone
iPhoneEven owners of mobile phones, the iPhone will come into their own. Own Need for Speed Shift will soon be able to fully enjoy too. EA is now confirmed and the news shows, as some will look like the iPhone version of the game. We are left only say that if you find the owner of this platform and get experience with this game, we would be heard. More on  iPhone
posted by: Admin    -  Source:

  Czech in game, Slovak maybe, English off course

You may also be interested to know that even in this case it will be a game that will have its location right in several languages, where the EA has its stronger presence. Commonplace and indeed impossible to otherwise make the game is still English. In our region will be available to play in Czech or French, Spanish and Italian. Slovak language in the game will be in official form. But what I can confirm both the server in this case the translation will be prepared and will test players welcome. Slovak official channels will not be doing but get a translation from the author's translations of this series.

posted by: Admin    -  Source: Vlastné

  Soundtrack list released
Who will be doing musical accompaniment in the game? Already we know it. It was released songlist. And the failure to update such examples in the newset section of this website soundtrack.
posted by: Admin    -  Source:

  Tracks in game
TracksToday was updated section lines along which will run in the game. All reports can be found in the section tracks. This of course does not end yet. EA prepares videos and fans will take care of the rest, unless otherwise fail to snatch the date of issue, therefore, in a few days. 
posted by: Admin    -  Source: Slovenciny.Com

  No demo? Really?
Demo NFS ShiftSo finally it's true? or not? A internet sais that EA do not will release a demo. Nobody really knows. Information that is no demo before the game eventually will be expanded internet and various sources refer to different places and statements. Nothing is certain, however, but so that we really flintu threw in the towel. Manager community often just the demo, decide whether you buy the game or not. For demo is a small sample of games, everyone can download it and if I sťahovateľnosť such a case is by no means small. The success of each one to every single demo release Need for Speed is not insurmountable. Demo on each of the games are now moving to large. It was therefore a pity if in this case missed a demo. Disappointed thousands to millions of players for a demo?
posted by: Admin    -  Source: NFS community

  Need for Speed Shift on website
tuningTuning the vehicle is part of the game, without which it could not be it. Tuning everywhere we want. Provided for; your car and go some way to the factory settings, this is not a true nut. Everyone would like to adjust the car by himself. Preview the course of tuning such settings it is possible to look at the video. Eventually, the article also eager to present this part of the game more. Video can be found in section TUNING
posted by: Admin    -  Source: Slovenciny.Com

  Car Battle mode
One of the game modes will race cars against each other. His name is as different as the Car Battle. Preview video calls thanks to much more ...

posted by: Admin    -  Source: Slovenciny.Com

  How looks a car customization?
Možno vás zaujíma, ako to bude vyzerať v menu, v nastaveniach a vôbec pri  výbere a nastavovaní vozidla. Na youtube ste už dávnejšie mohli naraziť na video, ktoré je podľa všetkého skutočným pohľadom do prostredia NFS Shift. Toto video nájdete v sekcii Selection and editing / customization.
posted by: Admin    -  Source: Slovenciny.Com



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